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The Espresso Restaurant is a romantic place on the culinary map of Zgorzelec. Located in Przedmieście Nyskie, the oldest part of the city, it attracts lovers of Italian cuisine.

The intimate atmosphere and unpretentious decor are great for social gatherings with friends, family and is also an ideal place for dinner for two.

The restaurant’s windows overlook the Görlitz old town and the river. The distance to the Old Town Bridge is about 150 m, which is convenient for family walks and tourists visiting our cities.

From May to October, the restaurant also has a summer garden, where due to its location the sun sets very late.

Come and try our Italian pizza, pastas, colorful salads, meat dishes, fish and seafood, as well as Italian desserts.


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Przedmieście Nyskie, ul. Daszyńskiego 10
59-900 Zgorzelec